cqclegoman, otherwise known as Cman, is the trustworthy jackass several Smackjeeves users call their friend. Cman joined Smackjeeves on the 28th of January, 4:51 PM, 2008. Since then, he's joined several comics and made several different impacts upon them.

Author ComicsEdit

Cman joined many author comics over the ages, but there are a few actually worth mentioning in this article.

Babysitting 4 DemonsEdit

This author comic also hid a secret only a few Smackjeeves users would ever witness, it hid Cman's first ever webcomicto hit the internet.

Ancient site design

Babysitting 4 Demons, originally started by Ghost the Echidna, was the first author comic Cman ever joined.

The comic in general, can now be viewed by the general public.
Hover's comic

This horrific monstrosity was basically, what Cman thought came from heaven above.

The end of BS4DEdit

Babysitting four Demons had a long run, and ended at 962 comics. Cman was kicked from said comic for lack of skill around comic #550. By then, Cman had been on SJ for about two and a half months.

The Sweet Adventures of Diêgo and AuthorsEdit

The Sweet Adventures of Diêgo and Authors, a webcomic started by LuigifanLFGX; who was actually Blitz-Teneson.For whatever reason, Blitz had several double accounts for said comic. Those accounts' characters were known as Hilary, Adrian, and of course, Diêgo. Perhaps this was to create the illusion that the comic had several authors always interested. Blitz kept the ruse only until he got other authors, then all the authors Blitz controlled dissappeared.