Not the most creative, nor the most unoriginal.
Pfsj ava

DTRP's current ava

Devin's internet life started on MFGG's forum. Then went to another forum know as 72dpiarmy, the forum for the Game Super Mario War. Devin doesn't update much on author comics, unless it's just showing sprites or random stuff. Devin's main went through 4 phases.

  1. A Mario recolor with a black hat and a black shirt.
  2. The least known one, a custom robot that uses a knife.
  3. A rabbit cat fox midget furry with black fur, wore overalls, and a black hat.
  4. The newest one, a human with a top hat, jeans and a shirt, and a pair of shoes.

When he isn't making sprites or playing TF2/Garry's mod, he's chatting on Xat.