Filler House is a well known author comic on Smackjeeves. It is mainly a place to put fillers.

Plot Edit

Since it's a place to put fillers, there is no real plot. However, some of the fillers are multipe parters and are often very entertaining (especially Apple and Gatemaster's

Filler Banner

Mooooooo..... Indeed.


Known Sub-Plots Include:

  • Gatemaster's Quest: It's ongoing and it stars Gatemaster and Majin traveling to....   actually, it was never specified. It involves head bashing, retardeness, and evil dolls.
  • Wintmas: Every Christmas, Apple holds a Wintmas (Filler House version of Christmas) collab with other authors, paordiing the 12 days of Christmas.

Getting into the Wintmas spirit.

  • 1000 Comics Arc: A small arc that celebrates the 1000th comic of Filler House.

 Authors Edit


  • LaMoop
  • Plokman
  • Mr.'Chinda
  • DOOD64
  • Shadow The Unborn
  • Afrohawkman
  • Phoenix of Chaos
  • Martin Prower
  • OmegaSonic
  • Kris the Demon
  • metaishopeless
  • Gatemaster
  • Tailsgod
  • Flashlight Antics
  • Apple (creator)
  • Djoing
  • Whip the Rabbit
  • tacidus
  • Cresent Night
  • Mikester


  • Majin Tobias
  • Darkjosh
  • ragethefox
  • KurodaTH
  • Nintendo_6444
  • Bunnydragon

Running Gags Edit

  • Martin is often used as a torture toy for everyone else. He has asked for this to stop several times.
  • Apple often associates with the non-existant Bacon Lord/Chip Lord.
  • Shadow the Unborn is.....   well....  find out yourself.
  • Gatemaster posting comics that involves him traveling with Majin. In these comics, Majin appears to play the straight man to Gatemaster's bizarre character. (Majin has allowed this to continue despite his leave)
  • Things known as mind wipe comics are posted a lot. Mind wipe comics consists of things that makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Authors and other characters fusing with each other.
  • An army of Whips and LaMoop fused together.
  • Whip trying to take over using an army of Martin heads.