King Kirbyby is an average comic maker and is indeed the maker of this wikia, but under the guise of Koopster 64.

His Smackjeeves Life Edit

He joined Smackjeeves sometime after Christmas of 2008. When he joined Smackjeeves, he started the comic series, Kirby Adventures. It was a bad comic at first, but it slowly improved.

He joined some comics, among them is Record in the Making and Shameless Advertising. However, he isn't appreciated by many and barely associates with anyone.

He then started Koopa Quest, and eventually made this here wikia.

Comics Edit

Characters Edit

Vincent Koopa Edit

Vincent Koopa is a koopa troopa that imitates Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7. He is the current embodiment of KingKirbyby. He is friendly, but is a bit cruel (actually really cruel to anyone he doesn't know). He is part of Mario's Bro Brigade, as he wishes to help the world from evil. He hasn't appeared in Koopa Quest as of yet. He weilds a pistol loaded with tranquilizer (but outside the Mario world, he weilds actually bullets).

"Who are you? Awnser, or I'll shoot."

 He will appear in RECORD; Perpetual Game.

King Red Edit

The old avatar of King Kirbyby. He is a red boo with a crown and two pirahnna plant themed keyblades. It's hinted that he was immdediatley murdered when Vincent Koopa came along, due to his suckiness.

King Edit

King is the current avatar of KingKirbyby. He is a young teen, but he has physchic powers and owner of the evil corrupt company, KingCorp. He wishes to take over the world, and is the murderer of King Red, saying that he doesn't deserve that much power. He is also very nice to people that doesn't stand in his way of world domination.

He fights by summoning weapons out of Hyperspace and uses his physchic powers to fight from a distance, without dirtying himself up.

His parents were rich people in the world he used to live in, but when his parents researched an interdimensional portal, he falls in and he is transported to the Mushroom World, where he gained his powers and has the abillity to hop across worlds. Using his new powers and the money he brought with him, he builds KingCorp.

In RECORD; Perpetual Game, he is the character representing KingKirbyby. He is dumped in Storage when he gets an error when logging in. While there, he releases all of the Virus Ghosts onto the world. However, an unknown person then took his mind and trapped it in his actual character. Over the months trapped, he becomes insane and makes the insane plan to bomb all towns and cities. In the comic, he is a human, with the battle mage class, and the engineer profession.