Kirby Adventures is a Kirby sprite comic made by KingKirbyby.

Plot Edit

The comic originally wasn't supposed to have a plot, as it would just have gag comics. But then, a plot was made centering the Squeak Squad stealing all of the food in Popstar, and Kirby and his friend Dee goes to get the food. Daroach, leader of the Squeaks, anticipates this and hires a Biospark named Ninja and his group of assassins to help the Sueak Squad take down Kirby. They manage to shoot Kirby out of the sky and he and Dee lands in a town.

There, Kirby is needed by the citizens to protect their food. They meet Sword, an honorable, yet easily annoyed warrior. They walk around town when the Squeak Squad and the assassins attacks. Spinni of the Squeak Squad helps Ninja with the invasion. It's revealed that one of the reasons Ninja volunteered was to defeat Sword for revenge of what happened in the past. Kirby and Sword fights the Squeak Squad and assassins, as Dee evacuates the citizens. Ninja is taken down and Sword goes to Dee to talk about his victory. However, a Spinni that Kirby was chasing earlier rides on top of a U.F.O. manned by Doc, another member of the Squeak Squad. They drop a bomb on top of them, severley injuring them. Kirby finds them and swallows them in his mouth and goes off to find a hotel of some sorts.

Luckily, Kirby does find a hotel, but what he doesn't know is that the property is owned by the Squeak Squad.

__Still Under Contruction__

Characters Edit

  • Kirby: Kirby is the hero of Popstar. He starts his adventure here to save all the food in the world. He isn't very bright though, and he tends to steal stuff. Nethertheless, he is brave and courageous.