The first comic of the frickin adventure.

Koopa Quest is a webcomic made by KingKirbyby. It follows the story of Jake Koopa as he is forced into the middle of a diabolical plot.

Plot Edit

The story starts with Jake falling from the sky, with the Koopa Cruiser in the distant. He then flashbacks, revealing him and a group of other people decided to bail on Bowser's Kingdom and stole his Koopa Cruiser. However, during their flight, Magikoopas atacks the Koopa Cruiser, causing it to sink out of the sky. The captain of the ship suggests they throw dead weight off the ship to stay in the air. Among the items tossed off the ship was a Thwomp, who lands in Oho Oasis and lands on top of the Lightning God's orb. The Lightning God thought this was some cruel prank and threw a thunderbolt at the Koopa Cruiser. It lands near Jake, causing him to fall backwards....  and off the edge of the Koopa Cruiser. He attempts to hide inside his shell to take less damage from the fall, but down below, in Area 51 (actually Stardust Valley), the Starshade Bros shoots at Jake, beleiving him to be a U.F.O.

Jake crashes through the Border Bro's home, and when he wakes up, he beleives them to be monsters (when in reality, they may actually be monsters). Jake soon comes to his senses and sets out to get to the Mushroom Kingdom (or at least out of that place), but because of the Starshade Bros curfew, he can't wander out in the open. So he takes one of the warp pipes present, but it turns out to be a cannon, which shoots him through Stardust Valley. The soldiers notices him, but they beleive Jake is an alien due to the fact he was flying.  

He begins fighting through Stardust Fields, now with all the soldiers on his tail. However, after a confrontion with a bomber soldier, the seal holding the REAL aliens Area 51.1 actually captured is destroyed and the Shroobs is once again reborn.

Main Characters Edit

  • Jake: Jake is a koopa who deserted the Bowser Empire. He doesn't have much of a personallity yet, but his personallity is going to be established as a sarcasstic person who never gives up. He tends to question everything that happens to him.
  • Zack: Zack is a resident of Hoohoo Mountain. He wears glasses and tries to act cool, but he is actually kinda nerdy. He begins to travel with Jake after he had saved him.