Kris the Demon (also known as Akuma Kristian or L. Kristian) is a comic-maker and writer.

Smackjeeves HistoryEdit

Kris first joined Smackjeeves in April 2008 bringing with him his comic, Sonic (Insert Clever Name Here) a rather poorly made comedy comic.

His first real entry into the spriting community came when he joined Bobcheese400's author comic The War on Smackjeeves for which he is still a regular contributor. From there he went on to join several well known author comics such as Filler House and Record in the Making.

In January 2009 Kris remade his first comic Sonic (Insert Clever Name Here), renaming it Sonic New World. In August 2009 he remade it once again into it's current incarnation Sonic: The Mobius Ring.

Kris is currently the acting head of Record in the Making following Phoenix of Chaos's departure from the comic.