Loki101 is a comic-maker who makes comics for The Reaper's Game, Prospect, and Mixed Lives to name a few. His first comic was Sonic NT Warrior and joined on December 1st, 2007.

He commonly uses the Anime Ace 2.0 BB font for his comics and relies on simple text bubbles. His program of choice when making comics is Paint.NET.

Characters Edit


Loki, The Reaper's Game

Loki (The Reaper's Game) Edit

First appearing in Comic #31 , his initial sprites were a Neuro recolor which had a revision once before his sprites were changed to a Neku edit by ShadowrikuXIII. His primary method of attacking is a large demonic claw; in rare cases, he may also use two claws. He and Rain are the only ones to survive Week 1 of the game.

Loki the Fox Edit


Interpretation of Loki, by Shard

Loki the Fox is Loki101's most occurring character, having gone through several revisions and updates since 2007. His story is featured in

Prospect, a comic-in-progress.

His sprites are by dvsjr. He uses fire magic and zen to fight, although he is not a very good fighter by hand. He also appears in Mixed Lives, befriending Dasani and continuing his unspecified journey.

For unknown reasons, he refuses to speak of his past and has several bounties on his head. He is apparently immortal to some extent; in his appearance in Accursed Pieces of Metal, he has lost his body but continues to live.


The Reaper's Game