Record in the Making is a long term running multi author comic started by Phoenix of Chaos. It was originally made to make a record to exceed 100 authors. Despite already fullfilling this accomplishment, people continue to post regularly on the comic.

The comic currently has 184 authors with more authors continuing to join.

Plot Edit

There is barely any plot in Record in the Making, due to the fact that it's mostly for random comics. However, there was a big war plot in the early days of the comic. Eventually, this plot was canceled by Phoenix of Chaos, due to little interest in it.

There was originally going to be an mmorpg plot, but it became dead and deserted. The idea was later used by Phoenix of Chaos to create the spin off; RECORD; Perpetual Game.

Dissapearence Edit

On December 7th 2009, Record in the Making suddenly dissapeared. This went unnoticed for a bit until The Smack announced it in a recent comic. The reasons for it's dissapearence is unknown.

Authors Edit

These were the authors that were on Record in the Making until it dissapeared