Otherwise known as SuperMarioFan102096, SMFislikehere, or CHARLEYTHESMF, is a kind-heart joker who usually cracks a joke at every chance he gets. SMF is usually always in a good mood, and has an open opportunity for an endless amount of friends. SMF can be serious at occasions that he must be, and can be a jerk when he's critiquing or something is stolen from him. SMF has a distinct instinct to protect his friends, and can help "noobs" due to his comical ability. SMF has fucked up once really badly, and can get pissed off pretty easily. He used to talk normal like everyone else, but now talks in a internet manner.

Appearance and Characteristics Edit

SMF's character has brown, roundish hair to be exact. He wears a long sleeved blue T-Shirt, and Black jeans, with brown church shoes. However, in real life, SMF has Black hair. SMF's character has many different personalities, but it is based mainly on his mood. Bad mood = Serious wannabe cool, good mood = crazy funny guy, Sad mood = Serious but still nice. SMF can be humble, and good natured. Unlike most people, he can make friends very fast, and doesn't think of wars as a big deal. His character seems to be skilled in fighting, but can't be brave sometimes. It has been revealed that SMF is one of the only cartoon/sprite characters that ages, due to him being very young in real life.