History Edit

Tacidus got to know the comic site by the BITF(brawl in the family) forums where a lot of people were making comics. and most of them lead to Smackjeeves.

He joined Smackjeeves at 16 December 2008 at 7:03 pm

So he decided to put his own comics on there too, Starting the comic named Blurby. Blurby was a comic about... Blurby :-; A blue puffball, just funning around with his best friend kyo and his Capybara Capy(later Capy became a boar :_: )

After about 1 month he Joined SJ and got Blurby

up to .... 7 fans, he found Record in the making. A comic with the purpose to have as many authors as possible. He was one of the first people to join, and the 5th one to post a comic.

Tacidus' first thing to be uploaded onto Record in the making.

At Ritm, he went into great times, he learned to sprite, make sprite comics and Blurby became the mascot of Record in the Making (at least until it dissapeared).                                                                     


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